Family Package




We know how much an outing or a Holiday with your family, means to you, to be away from a daily routine, away from all the stress at work, away from hours on end at racking your brain, away from all the hazzle, just to be with your spouse, children and even your closest of friends, to have some peace of mind, some fun and laughter, thrilling experiences and nevertheless, some heart warming moments, with your loved ones.


Hapiness can never be valued and these moments that you spend with your family and loved ones go a long way, in leading a Happy life. Hence, a Holiday with your family is priceless and we, at Maruthi Holidays offer you the best Holidays for you and your family, at the most exraordinary destinatinations in the world coupled with the best of services, to ensure, you get an unimaginable and priceless vacation with your loved ones, full of enjoyment, fun, adventure and much more, which will linger in your hearts for a long time.


All the planning from the word go, till you come back home safely after an awesome Holiday, will be shouldered by us, leaving you with just one thing to do, sit back, relax and enjoy the greatest vacation your money can ever buy.


So, there’s no need to think twice, just contact us, tell us what you want and be off on the Holiday you will remember forever.